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Traditional NFA or Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust

Silencer Shop makes registering a new suppressor through a trust an incredibly easy process. We highly recommend registering through a trust (as opposed to registering as an individual) because trusts make your suppressor easier to share, sell, bequeath, and more. More fun, less headache!  But which NFA gun trust should you choose? Let's compare the advantages of the Silencer Shop Single Shot vs. a traditional NFA trust. Single Shot Trust Advantages The Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust is simpler and less expensive than any other NFA trust available. They are by far the easiest way to register a single item in a trust.  At just $25, Single Shot Trusts are a cost-effective way to get the advantages and flexibility of a trust,...  Read More


If you own an NFA item, like a suppressor or an SBR, that was made by a company, you no doubt noticed that it is engraved much like any other firearm with various markings such as the make, model, caliber, serial number, etc. But what if you’re making your own silencer or SBR or SBS? The rules are still the same. Without exception, every NFA item has to be engraved with a specific set of markings as defined by the ATF. Not only does the ATF have requirements about what you have to put on the item, but they also have requirements as to where and how you mark that information. To avoid running afoul of the law, we’ll go over what you need to include and how you’ll need to do it so that you can enjoy your new NFA item. STEPS TO GET YOUR ...  Read More

Buying a suppressor online

Can Suppressors be Ordered Online? Yes, with a few clicks on your computer or the Silencer Shop smartphone app, you can order a gun suppressor online. Getting your suppressor from Silencer Shop is as quick and easy. Are you wondering how long does it take to get a suppressor tax stamp? With Silencer Shop dealers, you can get a tax stamp in an expected 90 days. Silencer Shop customers have received their tax stamps in just a few weeks. It's as easy as 6 simple steps: 1. Buy a Suppressor Order your suppressor online at Select your suppressor and add an NFA tax stamp to your shopping cart. What is an NFA tax stamp? A suppressor tax stamp is a $200 tax set forth by the ATF that is applied to the purchase of any ite...  Read More


Buying a gun online is an easy, private, and legal way to buy your next gun. And no, online firearm sales are not some sort of “loophole” for criminals. Instead, purchasing a gun online is completely legal under federal law (some state/local laws have extra regulations) and it is a completely safe process. Molon Labe Arms Co is one of hundreds of reputable online firearm retailers (FFL Dealers). The process is essentially the same no matter if you're purchasing from us or another online seller. Molon Labe Arms Co is a licensed FFL Dealer located in Rogers, AR and offers FFL transfer services for online gun sales, online gun purchases, GunBroker buyers, firearm shipping, local FFL dealer transfers and background checks in the Rogers...  Read More

What is required to buy a gun in Arkansas?

In order to purchase a gun in Arkansas, you are required to provide proof of identification and complete a Firearm Transaction Record, but the State does not impose any additional regulations above the federal requirements. On Federal Form 4473, you will be required to provide basic identification information, as well as answer several questions to determine if an individual can legally purchase a gun. These questions cover things like felony records, controlled substance use, and dishonorable discharge from the military. You can find a copy of the ATF form 4473  here. After the form is complete, the Federal Firearm Licensee or seller, will electronicly request background information through the Federal Bureau of Investigations NICS sy...  Read More
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