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Federal law requires that all firearms are shipped to a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Dealer like Molon Labe Arms Co. The buyer that the firearm is being transferred to, will then fill out the proper paperwork and complete the required background check prior to being allowed to take possession of the firearm.

Firearms CAN be legally purchased online. But they CAN NOT be shipped directly to your home. Federal law requires that firearms must be shipped to a local Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Dealer in your State, such as Molon Labe Arms Co. Then the firearm will be “transferred” to you via an Inbound FFL Transfer.

A long distance transfer is when a seller is too far away to bring the item in person. This is common when someone purchases a gun through an auction service like GunBroker, classified website, from a distant gun store/FFL Dealer or receives a firearm from an out of state seller. This requires an Inbound FFL Transfer.

Molon Labe Arms Co provides inbound FFL Transfer services for firearms that you have purchased online (or long distance from another seller/dealer) and have then been delivered to us by the seller on your behalf.

When you are ready to purchase, simply follow the easy steps below to start your Inbound FFL Transfer with Molon Labe Arms Co. These steps should only be followed if you're local to the Northwest Arkansas area and/or are able visit our location in Rogers, AR to complete your transfer.


If you are in the Rogers or Northwest Arkansas area and would like to use Molon Labe Arms Co as your inbound FFL transfer agent, please follow these important steps:

  • STEP #2:

    Purchase the firearm online from another seller/FFL Dealer.

    Since firearms can't be shipped directly to your home, you'll have to pick a local Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Dealer like Molon Labe Arms Co to have your order shipped to. Then you’ll need to have the firearm “transferred” to you via an FFL Transfer.

    During the checkout process with most online firearm sellers, you'll be required to select your preferred local FFL Dealer. Search for us by city/zip code/name and select Molon Labe Arms Co as your ship-to local FFL Dealer.

    IMPORTANT: Your seller will not ship your order until they have confirmed that Molon Labe Arms Co is a valid FFL holder. It's possible they have this information on file already. If not, your Seller will need to be provided a signed copy of our FFL license document. Give your seller our email address or other contact info and they will coordinate this with us directly.

  • STEP #3:

    Contact us by email and provide the following:

    1. Your seller/FFL Dealer's name, phone number, and email address.
    2. Your contact information such as name, mailing address, email address and phone number. This is very important so that we can contact you once we receive your order.
    3. A list of what you purchased - what is being shipped to us on your behalf for an FFL Transfer.

  • STEP #4:

    Arrive at our location to complete your Inbound FFL Transfer. Be sure that you have the necessary identification and payment for the transfer fee. Refer to our Inbound FFL Transfer FAQs for a complete list of what you will need to pickup your order.

    Once here, you will fill out the federal and state firearm purchase forms and present the proper identification. Molon Labe Arms Co will then complete a background and criminal history check.

    Anyone buying a gun in Arkansas must pass a background check before the firearm can be transferred to their possession.

    Once the paperwork is complete, you have passed the required background check and paid the FFL Transfer fee; the firearm will be officially transferred to you and you'll be able to take your new gun home!